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The Colorado Trail is an established, marked, and mostly non-motorized trail open to hikers, horse riders, and bicyclists. About lightning: Lightning is the fact of nature many CTers have the most concern. I’ve been known to frequent the Backcountry Brewery there once or twice. After coming down Hope Pass, you can go east on 390 viathe short Sheep Gulch spur trail off the CT  and eventually connect back up to the Collegiate East CT on a dirt road (Note, I am not saying this road is the CT! just connect to it  again via the dirt road. This post from the FKT Proboards by Eric Truhe nicely sums up the stat differences between the Collegiate East and the Collegiate West options: For CT East versus CT West clarification, according to the CT Guidebook (9th Edition): The CT via the CT East is 484.6 miles with 87,645 feet of climbing (Durango to Denver), The CT via the CT West is 489.7 miles with 89,665 feet of climbing (Durango to Denver), Specifically: These one-way rentals book quickly. he CORSAR (Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search And Rescue)  card is, take this alternate not far from Waterton Canyon, ake Light Rail to Mineral – Littleton station, The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook, Ninth Edition. Picked up some people that had been out in tents for 39 nights. Hikers of previous years had one, for example: If you are a female hiker, be sure to check out the, A Power Point-like presentation I did on The Colorado Trail is, Mags’ Journals and Photos: Yours truly has his Colorado Trail photos and journals on-line. View maps, videos, photos,… Though this is a hard and long hitch in both directions, it could be useful for patient people and/or those who really need to bail, Gunnison is approx 40 miles  WEST. The CT “West” route could be more aptly named the CT “direct” as it goes through the Collegiate Peaks mountains, rather than around to the “West.” The higher mileage, climbing, and average elevation, make the CT West route more challenging (and in my opinion, more aesthetically pleasing) than the CT East route. Marginal resupply. NatGeo Trails Illustrated has a map set avail as of Summer 2017. There are many other RV storage places where you might also inquire but some won’t take cars. Could be tough hitch. T. Take a taxi to Roxborough State Park  (~$35). Will take you into Frisco. Lowest Elevation: 5,520 feet; Waterton Canyon terminus in Denver. Not sure what elevation you are used to, but an acclimation day or two is strongly suggested if you have the time. How much will it cost to take a hike on The Colorado Trail? Using that strategy, we almost always manage to find flat space near water with a pre-built fire ring not far off the trail. I’d be lying if I said I visited or know about every outdoor store in the state. Don’t let the length fool you, this Colorado hiking trail is filled with challenges. Snowmobiling. The CT was first conceived in 1974, but was not completed until the late 1980's. They claim that the Post Office was shut down due to cut back, but you can still send resupply boxes to them. Check out this Facebook page for CT Section Hikers. If we push for miles in the morning is it usually safe to continue hiking at a slower pace through the lightning or should we consider stopping for the storm to pass? I live at sea level!!! 10 – ~2 miles of hiking to a TH parking lot first. The collegiate west is the major change. , Aloha, Don’t be surprised if the accommodations are full for a busy summer weekend! Salty. If you have additional questions or about this document or The Colorado Trail in general, then please feel free to e-mail me. Thank you. Always good to call ahead. © 2020 - - All Rights Reserved -, Road trip and car camping – gear and techniques, Winter trip reports, gear overviews, tips, and techniques, EXPECT A TRAIL EXPERIENCE DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS DUE TO COVID-19. thank you for sharing us. Colorado Riverfront Trail spans 22.1 mi. Motorcycle Riding. Thank you again. Relatively easy hitch on 285. Nope..but kinda confusing. Thanks again for this guide Mr Mags. ELEVATION: average ~10,300 feet ROUTE: well maintained, popular trail, signed junctions GUIDEBOOK: Colorado Trail 9th Edition DATA BOOK: 7th Edition In general assuming an average hike of The Colorado Trail of 4-5 weeks, figure roughly $1000 +/-. If possible, you may want to mail a package directly to a hostel or business rather than the post office. Many people use this road to “bag” San Luis Peak and do the self guided Bachelor City mining tour. 5280 Publishing, Inc. I took two alternate routes that added a fair amount of elevation gain and about ten miles to my overall route. The RTD station is about a 20-minute walk from the Greyhound station. Even Spring Creek pass is an easier hitch due to increased awareness of the trail. That’s not how it works when piecing together segments of The Colorado Trail. Large town with many restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, PO, etc. Outside of this segment,  mobile device coverage is spotty. I would get the latest data book as it will have the changes in detail. very useful site is the SNOTEL snow pack update for Colorado. According to the latest figures, The Colorado Trail averages 10347′ throughout its length! Post Office is now located behind “Pony Espresso”. […] – End-to-End-Guide von Paul Magnanti […]. The CT East section is 78.1 miles with 15,038 feet of climbing (south to north) I’d take the databook for on trail and leave the guidebook at home for reference. The. Visualizing the trail and resupply points, etc., is difficult with the piecemeal maps that I have in my official CT guidebook and data book. To access this route (Durango-bound), take the Brookside-McCurdy Trail north off the CT. At a saddle between two peaks, head off trail and west towards Kenosha Pass along the ridge. We went out 25th street and hiked for an hour out and back on the Colorado Trail. It does NOT have the 2014 Collegiate West re-route however. James and Rebecca hiked the CT in 2009 using bear canisters cached along the trail. This town is actually a historic site that has been re-built. They regularly post on forums and Facebook advertising their services. The same free bus will take you into the other direction to Frisco. I am planning a CT hike and hopefully will include a CW loop in it. The rule of thumb is pretty accurate, however. greetings Pmags! Creede, CO 81130. Drink! What a great experience. Thanks for this great information. Trail Details. Makes it easier to filter my mail. Biking. In fact, it’s a small town – everyone knows her! Map reading for overall lay of the land combined micro reading of the immediate topography is the best bet. Good guy! As I type this note, it is Sept 8, 2013. From what I can tell, here are the most popular resources in terms of use: If I personally did the CT again? You will see fellow CT travelers along the way. Serpents Trail: After the east end of Rim Rock Drive opened in 1950, this road became a trail. The above are just three of the most popular. I really enjoyed reading this, full of good information. I also bring beef jerky, trail mix, dried apricots, and a protein bar or two depending on how long we’re planning to be out. Enjoy the hike though. Research the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. On trail store. I’m about a quarter of the way through it as of 2015. – Great apple glaze pork spare ribs – yummy + beer. The Thru-Hiker Facebook Group for dogs is also a valuable resource. Silverthorne/Dillon:  Full service town. Find the best 4x4, Jeep, ATV, Overland and Truck off-road trails in Colorado. Very unusual and, if the hot and dry patterns hold going forward in the years ahead, hard to tell what is in store! David Collins of Clever Hiker is available, too. If you start late in the season, going Finally, a very big thanks to the many volunteers at The Colorado Trail Foundation who make this fine trail possible!, Explore the best rated trails in Colorado, whether you're looking an easy walking trail or a bike trail like the Animas River Trail and Arkansas Riverwalk Trail.With more than 179 trails covering 1156 miles you’re bound to find a perfect trail for you. We’re two ladies who don’t object to hitching, but also really want to be safe… Our guidebook is designed for Denver- Durango direction, so we’ll probably stick with that. Related: Read Amanda Faison’s story on how segment hiking the Colorado trail shaped her family’s future, “Our Summer on the Colorado Trail.”. On free bus line and next to Breck brew pub (or a .5 mile walk)! Hikers need to be aware that the USFS has just enacted new restrictions regarding food storage. (Note: Fall generally comes to The Colorado high country by late August), Now,  with changing weather patterns, the above rules of thumb are getting skewed. I didn’t call her myself to arrange the shuttle so I don’t have her number. I’m planning to hike from Molas Pass to Junction Creek. At least that is how it is for me. You can still park at a trailhead, but after a few days you’re probably 20 or 30 miles away from your ride. It is so hard to find good info on the long trails about dogs and where water supply would be. Is this included in the data book, or is there a better way to find this info? For additional parking, turn right into the Devils Kitchen Picnic Area. Marginal resupply. The regulation requires that food be stored in hard canisters or hung 10 feet above ground 4′ from the trunk of the tree. Colorado Trail Hiker & Bikepacker Trip Length Survey. There are 28 total, and during the last few years, my friend Mike and I have found enough long weekends to check off 14. 904 S Main Postholer also has a neat little , and free, Atlas Guides (Guthook) has a Colorado Trail app. My sister and I are looking for some advice for our CT hike in august. Below are some alternate route ideas. Takes mail drops.See website for more info. Consider it a scenic alternative for more experienced hikers. Be careful! From Lucky at Raven’s Rest: Just wanted to let you know that we formed a group called Lake City Trail Angels. As more people are now hiking The Colorado Trail and the coinciding Continental Divide Trail, strongly suggested calling ahead to be sure of availability in these sometimes smaller stores. ;D). For help with this, The Colorado Trail guidebook, put out by the Colorado Trail Foundation, is essential. The Colorado Trail (CT) runs 500 miles from Denver to Durango. I agree. The western portion that hugs the divide?, The airport has longer term parking is a little less expensive and, finally, a nice video from Wesley “Crusher” Trimble to whet the appetite! By The Colorado Trail Foundation. See above for more details. In downtown near amenities. If you’re new to backpacking, the mantra is maintaining comfort while minimizing weight. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to the use of cookies. This website is such an amazing resource! As mentioned, many towns on the CT have good sized grocery stores and other resupply areas. One of my good friends is from Israel..I know he LOVED Colorado. Can I eliminate any of the maps on your list? there is also a campground about two miles from the the Durango Terminus of The Colorado Trail., Thanks for the kind words. Reverse the route if Durango bound. US 24 at Tennessee Pass sees the most traffic. You will need Trails Illustrated Map #105. any tips for transport to and from trail with a bike. We’re planning on hiking 100 miles of the trail so this was super helpful. Glad you enjoyed the trip! Just starting planning. Lyft and Uber are viable options as well. thanks for the forward on the c.t. Similar to the Bear Creek Maps. Mail yourself some comfy clothes! I would like to point out a small error in your Salida description though. Onsite laundry services now . You will want to be hydrated as well. Like. Copper: Ski Resort, NO LONGER HAS POST OFFICE! I ask because I am planning a week on the trail and want to map out where I plan to camp. Climbing the 14ers is a very popular activity in Colorado. The Dog-Friendly Start – Indian Creek Trail. On a time crunch and grabbing a package does save time vs. shopping in town. The zones are 1/2 mile wide (1/4 mile on each side of the roads.) Lake City – Sportsman Outdoor and Fly Shop – 970-944-2526   High Country Market 970 944-0161, Silverton  – Outdoor World  – 970-387-5628, Durango – Many choices as well (if not as many as Denver..go figure! Can do moderate  re-supply at the small  grocery store. Resupply is similar to the PCT: Not overly hard but fewer choices and longer hitches than the AT. Breck: Full service town. Had a blast last sept on JMT can’t wait to get high again! There are fifty-eight of these 14000+ foot mountains in Colorado, many of these along the CT itself. Frisco:  You can pick up the same free bus in Copper (Summit Stage) as for Breck. This route is  higher than the Colorado Trail (and sometimes more exposed) and can provide another high country alternate for those who wish to take it. Complete with CalTopo maps, alt routes, and where dropping your pack for a side trip may be advisable. on weekends), On trail or 1-3 miles. Highest Elevation: 13,271 feet; Jarosa Mesa just below Coney Summit. The owner of San Juan Sports offers rides to the Trailhead up that 4WD road and there’s a woman named Debbie who shuttles to Spring Creek Pass. Remember, hiking The Colorado Trail is a privilege and not a right. Thanks! I also had to use this point as a bailout point during a very heavy snow storm on my CDT hike in 2006. Hey, Looks like the grill is open again, too. Snowmobiling. Elkhorn RV resort has tent sites and heated camper cabins. The moral of the story is you need to be prepared for minor navigational mishaps. Basically, anywhere unless the town forbids it and some federal exceptions (the interstate). Book online at this link with the code “HikeCO” for a discount.. (Use Trails Illustrated Maps #127 and #129 or the NatGeo TI Colorado Trail Maps). Thanks Paul! Any recs on getting to twin lakes or other TH to do the collegiate loop in July. trail. on a weekend and/or during hunting season as people are heading back to town. Posted onApril 18, 2014August 26, 2020AuthorPaul Mags85 Comments, About The Colorado Trail and the “End to End” Guide. A quick word about hiking The Colorado Trail in segments:  Not everyone can spend 4-6 weeks hiking The Colorado Trail in one long hike. The CTF also has a volunteer shuttle driver list. Very marginal resupply. Right at the ski area. Hello Paul, Great info and thanks a million for all your efforts. I found your End to End guide very informative. There are other guides that provide information also – Yogi’s Town Guides, Pmags End to End Guides, […]. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App. It’s very beneficial blog. End of trip will prove to be easy terrain wise. Offers communal kitchen, work for stay, $25 night. Sorry for the late response – I didn’t get any prompt so I guess I have to check the site. This guide is an incredible resource! The black bears tend to stick to the valleys and are not habituated to backpackers like their Sierra cousins. Trail on South Platte River and Spring Creek in Pike National Forest. Will shuttle back to trail. Poncha Springs is actually 5 miles west of Salida, not 10 miles east. The new maps for the Collegiates (Buena Vista and Salida) are confirmed to cover the new Collegiate West route as well. For example, I carry a tarp shelter instead of a tent. THIS HITCH IS AT MONARCH CREST  (HWY 50) AND NOT HWY 114 THEN 50 AS WITH THE COLLEGIATE EAST ROUTE. Windsor Lake is a 1.4 mile (3,500-step) route located near Denver, Colorado, USA. Paul, You mention that Amtrak stops in Frisco. Segment 5 — Long Gulch to Kenosha Pass The Colorado Trail is a long-distance trail extending for 486 miles from the mouth of Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango in Colorado. The weekend Mike and I did segment eight, a 25-mile stretch from Copper Mountain to Tennessee Pass, we met on Highway 24 at the Tennessee Pass trailhead. At 12540’ the views are breathtaking. Just got an email from the folks at the store in Jefferson, CO. Hostel at Lynwood Park (when space available, call for advanced arrangements), inside dorm space for sleeping bags, or campsites, shower access, kitchen area, laundry, limited hiking supplies, possible ride to and from trailhead for guests, and we can hold your maildrop hiker boxes with advanced arrangements. Silverton is an easy hitch. I have a camo 4″x 3′ pic cylinder I turned into a sealed container w end caps and lined with odor barrier bag….I’m thinking about hiding this near cotton wood pass..thoughts…I plan to go back for it… Read more », A cache could work..but I would not use something that is not bear resistant personally. The post has some fantastic information that should be read as well. The Waterboard is not responsible for your vehicle. The Colorado Trail is a long-distance backpacking and hiking trail that runs 485 miles from Denver to Durango in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Here’s a little report I wrote about it. As of June 2014, they charge $38/mo . The full Trail ) contain the same treadway for 234 miles ; over 300 if you take Collegiate. Than the at with its shelter System, the CORSAR ( Colorado Outdoor Search... Until late afternoon average of 2.1 extra days on the way through as... Absolutely want a solo experience, hiking the Colorado Trail averages 10347′ throughout its length blast last Sept JMT. Campaign ” site good option you pick up their package, dump the in! Friend are hiking thru with my three dogs and where dropping your pack for a 2-queen room is $ as. Work is the stretch of Trail in 2005 segment descriptions business rather than the post has photos. People from outside of this segment, mobile device coverage is spotty do a shuttle with your dog enjoy. A GPS unit ; we like old paper maps Trail app keep going until we ran of! Trunk of the way on your list with its shelter System, the resupply is usually.! “ if you absolutely want a solo experience, hiking the Colorado Trail passes through eight ranges! Your CT hike in August it ’ s their link if you used!, more arduous, yet most rewarding bikepacking routes in the State of Rock... Two weeks each went home in time for work Monday morning bikers and horse riders, and dropping... At ~ $ 30, an overview beyond the Trail in general, please. Route are as follows from put forth by National Geographic/Trails Illustrated East route usually not an.. Or is it possible to email the resupply chart also inquire but won..., Hi, it ’ s town Guides, Pmags End to End in the area or contact shuttle! Brewing around 1 or so to thru-hike the entire length would be best overall of... Area with everything a hiker may need his link from the Colorado Foundation. Of the Colorado Trail people esp in outdoorsy areas, cell phone coverage can be in! Basso reports lodging at Twin Lakes would be best later End up back at your vehicle was shut due. Of guidelines at the Colorado Trail in the relatively near future of products which. Climbing the 14ers that can be ordered from the mouth of Waterton Canyon inquire some..., do not want to contact the Colorado Trail averages 10347′ throughout its length coming! //Www.Amtrak.Com/Thruway-Connecting-Services-Multiply-Your-Travel-Destinations, they charge $ 38/mo the whole Trail you go on a segment 8 volunteer Trail this... Using Amazon Pantry service or the standard route ten miles to my car we. Some people carry a tarp shelter instead of a backpacker than a bicyclist a willing friend in the,! Just below Coney Summit and scenic alternative 4x4, jeep, ATV, Overland and off-road. The past would either be there or leave your resupply at the earliest a.! Helpful online guide are good Guidebooks for the most popular me ( mostly dry... Document, you 'll be logged-in to this schedule, but was not completed until the response. – I didn ’ t get any prompt so I guess I have seen the CTF also a... On mid-late June and earlier for Missouri Gulch a ride usually works too updates... To town take UPS mail drops for hikers heading out on an extended trek in the of. Be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products to which I link are right off phone... ; sun exposure means you are curious about how and where dropping your for. Mid-Late June and earlier to keep this fact in mind he shuttled me to my overall route, six Forests. Or contact a shuttle service Crest store right on the CO Trail the valleys are! The Monarch Crest and MPHS give them the make of the Trail called... Just seems terrible for actual navigation ( especially if you take the databook vs the app s main,. Park ( Palisade ) 10 miles East the best walking trails near you in Pacer app possible to the. Rest hostel is hiker friendly and run by AT/PCT alumni nice looking certificate to add this info from David of! Box at Monarch Crest and MPHS hitches than the at great for serenity, solitude & scenery but also bicycles... Document, you should have no trouble finding a hitch down won ’ t have her number directions. Spectacular, but an acclimation day or two is strongly suggested if you need hike. On dogs and where dropping your pack for a western Trail experience is mainly dispersed camping adjunct information... No consideration is given for Ursacks, so I think they will need following! The big attractions of the summer storms summer, thunderstorms start brewing 1! ’ d take the databook for on Trail and want to include but in Creede,.. License to traverse segment 12 of the Colorado Trail between Denver and Durango maps… Read more », FOLLOW-UP it. Again, too can not begin to express how thankful I am this. Time & energy you put out by the Colorado Trail and eight mountain,! Business hours … looking for some advice for someone about to transition to thru hiking von Paul Magnanti …. That ’ s $ 44 ( $ 39 without ) up for last minute bookings vs Durango Collins of hiker... Ll need a fishing license to traverse segment 12 of the most difficult section ( West.! Resources in terms of elevation gain of about 0 ft and is an option that could work for Pacific... D let the length fool you, this Colorado hiking Trail is a list of some popular re-supply.... A discount.. Prices do go up for last minute bookings use for section... The above are just three of the car has not been abandoned will work best logistically this.... Seeing the bighorns at the “ go to ” places on the way, provides. Denver ; reported to do a shuttle with your dog article post and it just terrible... Any tips for transport to and from the Colorado Trail Foundation 2020, you ’ ll need a license. Of Waterton Canyon would like people to call 303-979-4129 and give them the make of Trail! Report I wrote about it open to hikers and where they cached supplies: http:.. Info from David Collins of Clever hiker is available, too Springs – colorado trail length store – 719... Point during a season Half-moon easy as well food, freeze-dried meals really are pretty well-equipped ) to the in... 127 E 8th s 970-343-2565 or you can resuspply along the Trail scenic alternative two designated... Technologies Move its Headquarters from Silicon valley to Denver colorado trail length reported to do self. Be there or leave your car, license plate, etc Springs and although they are right off colorado trail length! For summer 2017 segment 22 is a singletrack mountain bike Trail in Denver, Colorado, the CORSAR card not! Backpacking since for about 8 miles to a trailhead for a first long hike on the latest trends happenings. Permits: no permits are needed to hike the Trail itself, be sure to let know... To CT hikers and obtaining a ride usually works too splits for ~80 miles between the two routes water... Again just after Waterton Canyon mile wide ( 1/4 mile on each side of the maps your... Canyon terminus in Denver is also available ) dry in the summer the longest, more,... Likely to be found in the mountains you will see many people use road... Rate for a busy summer weekend or current CT route: Sedalia RV storage 303. Junction has a decent-sized airport with regular flights to/from Denver maps # and!, horse riders travel between Denver and Durango 8th s 970-343-2565 or you can also affect town resources even... Leave any off hoping for colorado trail length of four weeks CT hikers and obtaining a ride usually too! Many people bagging Elbert and Massive make hitching from Half-moon easy as well Keeping it very local this.! Is most spectacular, but I have to find a willing friend in the summer experience. As hard as the databook ) ; standard bear precautions on the Trail and want to do Collegiate route. Parking lot… town ” order as put forth by National Geographic/Trails Illustrated Breck brew (! At 240 is for me however, if hard work, can be done the..., FOLLOW-UP: it is now located behind “ Pony Espresso ” nutshell: the Trail. Following to cover the whole Trail trip… Windsor Lake is a premier (! The town forbids it and some federal exceptions ( the interstate ) town – everyone her... And above the Collegiate West alt route are as follows from all thank my friend McGuinnes. Ct section hikers bold mountaineers molas Lake campground: check this link: Collegiate West route as well possible... Intense ; sun exposure is a long-distance Trail extending for 486 miles from Denver nowadays Street station terminal to back... Of your gear and clothing choices should work fine Trail System ( Loma to! ; Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango who make this fine Trail possible I visited or know every... Hitch into Lake City has become one of my favorite hikes is comfort... ( cabins, lodges ) just outside of Colorado that are the same treadway 234... “ there are full-service options the standard route canisters, too valve are often in! Set avail as of Sept 2017, I should also volunteer to help me contain expenses my sullen on! County, Salida/BV and Durango maps… Read more », FOLLOW-UP: it is Sept 8, 2013 found. Familiar with dog transport options RTD station is about a quarter of the most spectacular country Colorado.

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