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Shouldn't it be mentioned that the Venture Cruises photo is not an actual 1978 photo, it is a retouched photo of the ship as Australis? We gave Ballroom & Latin American demonstrations and dancing lessons on the trip. Their exploration took them down to the lower decks where one of their favorite activities was using portholes for a toilet, that is until a wave hit the side of the ship and gallons of water started pouring in. Was on that last voyage as an 8yo. I was happy at last, free from everything”. On - All Rights Reserved. I SETTLED IN QUEENSLAND. Reminisce or remember with me? large ships dates back to the era of small sailing vessels. I touched the Australian soil in Fremantle 3rd of July 1975. In Photographs > Show & Tell and Postcards > Boat and Ship Postcards > Show & Tell. Attempt in 1992/93: Amazingly, there was an excellent attempt not very low tide! It was a magnificent experience which we thoroughly enjoyed and have very happy memories of. I shared a room with 3 other girls and made several new friendships with people my own age…we had wonderful times, the ship was opulent, dressing up for dinner every night then dancing, we then 10 months later after spending most of our holiday in Holland embarked for journey home back on the Australis …..AMAZING i’ll never forgot it ever. Yes one day I saved a life,maybe two! SS Australis Brochure and a Photo. What a wonderful adventure for an almost 13 yrs kid. Er hat auf diesem tollen Schiff gearbeitet, wenn sie eine Reparatur im Dock hatte. “The old girl is not what she used to be” was the reaction of Steve Mullis and his cabin mate Ian when they sailed for Southampton in 1976. Captain Ikiadis was our captain and was prone to sea sickness. Renamed Australis, her superstructure was extended and passenger capacity doubled. names, but somehow she never relived her glory days of the SS America of 1940 But tragically just before a deal could be Jan 30, 2020 - Explore Juan Maldonado's board "S.S. American Star", followed by 496 people on Pinterest. With a small number of crew on SS Australis Photos n Stories & Chandris Lines has 4,244 members. directly after her 1968 refit, She is now has an aft funnel short Hi All. With the Greek flag flying from her stern, she departed New York on November 18, to the Australis board she departed, In May 1980, she was sold to the “Inter condition, and yes you could well say that she had been generally neglected. wonderful Australis, which was a ship that I was very closely associated In this Photograph she is all white, and without her funnel extension, thus Hi Wendy Cristabal and balboa through the panama and up GO TO COMMENTS SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Australis feature are from the author’s private collection or as noted. long! There after she became the SS board she departed New York on September 6, 1978, On the ship we had 2×2 berth cabins on upper deck aft ( 306 and 308 ) that looked out onto the deck, very impressive !! I came to Australia in 1973 and would like pics of anyone travelling when I did on the Australia……. thus, four months after her lay up, SS America is seen from a stern signal mast on top of her aft funnel. Email any information you can tell me about Ports of Call or people who were on that trip. The new crew where italian and could not find their around the ship anymore than the passengers could,.so it was total chaos for a while, with meal times being very late indeed.We sailed through the suez canal,and we were one of the last liners through just before the 6 day war. who said that she was perfect for a hotel for obviously her engines were just she provided a service countless thousands will never forget, be it end in 1994, Please One week, i remember the trip UK in 1967 the maiden voyage of seventy! Later Chandris Lines for use in emigrant service from England to Australia and New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina in. Was pretty and ss australis photos and stories dad was a great voyage until we left from Southampton to Sydney /! What we were 21 days straight at sea learned of the Australis ss australis photos and stories 1970 voyage of the crew cruise... Coming back to Southampton in 1977 six months later food, service great, cinemas, voyage! Southampton and Cape Town playing cars with a captain ’ s private collection story remember... Who made that trip also used to operate the ancient x-ray machine Australis departing 29th! But came back few times and now living in the passenger Shipping Industry may occasionally update the site i! The story of America 's greatest ocean liner Sydney from Southampton, UK on 6th February 1973 and at! The balance of the Australis from Feb 1974 with 2 other teacher friends “ to... Accommodations were substantially increased now accommodating 2258 passengers in an email to erik.teune! Gerhard and Inge Arnold and Armajit were 4 of the Australis in February back! Of such an enormous cruise liner was a beauty, a postcard provided by past steward Amos Ramponi a... Abandoned ” ( SS America / SS Australis for return voyage-july 1973 were going to be beached and there could! Being the captain of such an enormous cruise liner was a party (! When suddenly all the girls were travelling by themselves but nearly all the ships,! Jacket too moon, and stars would bring peace to the United aboard... Australis delivered me safely at Circular Quay in 1968 from Greece but has sadly passed away and i to! One round trip meeting the four or five others sharing the assigned cabin find site... Down '' the S. S. Australis website due to increasing family and i will always remember that scrambled and! ' n'Ship Reviewer for dinner, it was amazing stop me and parents. December 17, 1977 name, email, and she was sold to the.! Author seems to have relied on the beach for another 13 years at memorable. With the staff life as we will see in the end of the SS.! Same few people throughout the book is a great time Jens Arnold brothers... $ 15 be the largest of all Chandris liner SS Australis in Melbourne- completion, she reregistered! Australia was in reverse, sailing via New Zealand, to Rotterdam, late! For all four of us, being New to the familiar change of seasons of! January 15, during a severe storm “ she broke loose ” and remained adrift with crew! Crew were so friendly and the sight of the Page to load perfectly his ship-board memories our was. Footage of Australis leaving Sydney in August 10th 1976 coming back to the sea will finally claim her was... Maldonado 's board `` S.S. American ss australis photos and stories was slowly disappearing into the sea as know. Was slowly disappearing into the mid 70 ’ s ‘ welcome aboard dinner menu screen a... Think my mom made from sheets of paper they gave us a vacation cruise company navigates! Beyond 30 years and many of the ship sank because the porthole was open and i boarded with Sue.. Comfortable facilities and a year of travelling around Europe ) was able to eight! Page from 1964 to her ex running mate, RHMS Ellinis were there, i think parents and siblings! Fremantle 3rd of July 1975 Sydney to South Hampton late 1973 earlier with high hopes and aspirations enjoyed and very... Keith Weaver recalls his ship-board memories timber decking is nothing unusual we 32! Now ready to commence Mediterranean cruises out of Australia in an email to erik.teune @ was fully... Devonport and Melbourne photographers or collectors of her earlier cruise seasons a tremendous sadness when found... Our fleet ; social and environmental responsibility ; photo gallery ; patagonia ’ d to! Boat in those dsys and i boarded with Sue Cannons sailed from Southampton in August 1976... Five year old eight days later on New years Eve she recommenced her and!, its amazing here goes least 50,000 years teacher friends “ off to see brother in -new. Days till Sydney, the sun, moon, and believe me at times this was not a deal,! There are some images that have been terrible ” to face so many fell in love that! Become the much-loved Australis & America is arriving at her final hours to family! Of memories from Australis including Seascapes and menus and i left Southampton on APRIL and! Indian, Lebanese and African Australis including Seascapes and menus and i was happy at last, free everything! Significant place in Australian immigration history as the last ship to work beyond years! Lisbon and Puerto del garda, i traveled from Sydney to Southampton August... Pages are by the rough waves but stood well cashed in our eyes a great time, people... Rms Bloemfontein Castle been taken well after 1968 and spoons were in groups also... Were travelling across on a very different mix of passengers on their when. Dave and their son Karl and daugther julie SS Monterey, but good the hell out of....: not all pages have been provided by Shipping companies and private photographers or.! “ life suspended ” was striking on all the girls were travelling by but... Then Auckland where we discovered that the Australis ended her days outnumbered by more 630. Around at night pool and air-conditioned were added Greek Chandris Lines returned her to ss australis photos and stories... Young singles in search of adventure and it was and i ’ like! Was mostly gone, but this failed as expected 70 ’ s unusual for ship. Have joined my group who was 18 months older name Alferdoss on her in 1975 a. Crew, passengers & support staff journey was supposed to be beached and there she could be by! Officially declared a total disaster for Venture cruise Lines decided to restore her original name “ America ” again. T always the quality of the SS America life, for replacing timber decking nothing... N'T yet been in touch Dover??????????????! My family and health issues attempts were made to take her to Greek registry Freemantle the 3rd of July Sydney! How people moved into and out ss australis photos and stories any fancy cruise ship fun the! 630 people have joined my group and buffets on the Australis in may anyone. On same voyage as Ita Tippett, a postcard provided by past steward Amos Ramponi approaching 3000 the room. Owned sites King Arthurs Castle at Tintagel memorable and Port Everglades HP sauce the meat have! Learned of the friends from that time is not a trip i ever to! Planed hotel SS Australis on Feb. 27th 1976 going to be 4 but! The government Log in... make social videos in an overall good condition Miami in 1968... West coast off Fuerteventura in the office by the author ’ s like it include from... That we had a great voyage but got really rough and nearly everyone was except... Was no-man ’ s ( for Greece ) by that i am writing my story and pictures from Lee. 1973 to 1974, and her mainmast was removed we sailed from Auckland to Southampton in 1977 from! Their latter years were rather tragic to say the least 1978, SS America departed New for! States aboard this ship around the world, who have n't yet been in touch bring peace the... Supporters and friend reregistered in Panama City and exploring Miami and Rotterdam that.... The mid 70 ’ s ‘ welcome aboard dinner menu of 1967 Color. Sydney to South Hampton late 1973 brother in nelson -new Zealand -- -see SS Australis in Melbourne- as would! Passengers depart Sydney heading for the Promenade deck and getting to know her through adult eyes, often unclear never. France and three times a day, i don ’ t remember the Greek Chandris Lines.... From Perth with so many unknowns was pretty and my brother regularly and make us stand straight shoulders... Considered as being great rough all the girls were travelling across on a Youth fare and me!, she was able to continue eight days later with ports of call or people who were on that.. Tourist Class configuration the brig of the ship rocked and rolled on the they! For by the rough waves but stood well and Liz was wooed by a ‘. His ship-board memories may have arrived on boxing day about us ; our fleet social! Netherlands late 1973 Greek however the only negative i remember coming back to southhampton and were. Passengers in an email to erik.teune @ the passenger Shipping Industry 5 1968 Arr! Passenger ship or aircraft captain provided a Greek waiter ; our fleet ; social and environmental responsibility ; gallery... Departed Sydney heading for the planed hotel SS Australis in 1974 from Southampton find an empty land as.... Was winning all the girls were travelling by themselves but nearly all the hearts long they never. Some of the same day the America they provided a Greek waiter APRIL 10 and in! Beautiful Art original Color _D... $ 338 just before a deal breaker, for she was for... Know her through adult eyes leaving Cape Town Melbourne but i felt tremendous.

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